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A Festival Exploring Film & New Media Arts

A biennial festival encouraging Sub-Saharan artists to pursue innovative sight-sound ideas, with a further aim of cultivating practitioners and audiences receptive to exploratory, cross-disciplinary expressions in film, new media, fine arts, design, music, architecture, game, dance and theatre. Also a showcase of highlights from the Story & Ritual and Moving Image Africa programmes.


Audio-visual Archiving of Sub-Saharan Africa

Primarily a research programme, aimed at generating audio-visual evidence of oral, cultural and environmental histories from Sub-Saharan Africa, with the possibility of discipline specific projects resulting from these investigations. Story and Ritual has as its long-term objective an exhaustive archive accessible to all scholars interested in Sub-Saharan culture.


Cultivating Short-Form African Cinema

An on-line platform propagating the production of exploratory short film across Africa, encouraging African filmmakers, through exposure and critique on ideas, to engage in the creation of meaningful audio-visual content authentic to locality. Pop-up virtual and localised educational initiatives are associated with this programme.


What is iMPAC?

iMPAC was founded in 2009. It is a non-profit organisation focused on challenging and enhancing sight-sound thinking and moving-image content generated by students and professionals working in Sub-Saharan Africa.

iMPAC evolved to include a forum promoting the investigation and preservation of Sub-Saharan cultural diversity not just for filmmakers, but all enthusiasts, artists, storytellers and scholars engaging with narrative, context, history and myth-making.

Non-Profit Organisation (NPO)
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