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One shot, one take, one chance. No editing. No special effects. Cinema distilled to its essence: a continuous single take on reality. The essence of cinema is the process of allowing time, space and action to unfold in a well-constructed framing of the world. By stripping the filmmaking process to its most basic core unit – the shot – we direct attention to the power of mise-en-scène to create meaning in film.

This is the goal of the inaugural One Shot Festival. The short films on offer come from a series of community workshops and are shot using only a cell phone – no editing, no special effects and limited audio post-production - short and punchy audio-visual espresso shots. The workshop is developed and facilitated by Johann L Botha and Claudio Rossi, and will be held in collaboration with The VIVA Foundation of South Africa in Mamelodi East. Participants in the workshop will be selected by the foundation and will be offered the opportunity, through sponsorship by The city of Tshwane, to attend the iMPAC programme on Wednesday 02 October.

On that day, they will be exposed to a presentation by a contemporary Johannesburg filmmaker, Sibs Shongwe-La Mer, get to exhibit their films with participants of other workshops, and be exposed to the iMPAC short film showcase.

WORKSHOP: FRIDAY 27 September - 09:00 – 18:00
SHOWCASE: WEDNESDAY 02 October - 17:00

JOHANN L BOTHA has a BA in Film (AFDA 2003) and currently adding a psychology degree to focus on character development in film. This ‘character shrink’ in the making has 10 years’ freelance filmmaking experience in South Africa and Europe, from directing short films to working as a video operator at Babelsberg studios in Berlin. He is currently lecturing a short filmmaking course at the University of Pretoria (September 2013) called One Shot – The fundamentals of filmmaking.

CLAUDIO ROSSI obtained an MPhil in Film and Philosophy from the University of Oxford (2005), where he delved into the workings of genre conventions in mainstream Italian cinema in the 1970s. While at Oxford he developed a special interest in community filmmaking, producing and presenting a film review programme at local television station SixTV.

Claudio was also a co-founder of a feature film development company in the UK. He is currently based in Pretoria, where he is looking to develop community-based film projects including the One Shot Festival.

Support for this workshop was provided by The CITY OF TSHWANE



Guerrilla Filmmaking is about making do with the bare minimum and still not compromising your vision. It is about never having to use an excuse to prevent you from doing something wildly creative. The concept of ‘sweding’ was developed by filmmaker Michel Gondry, and presents the opportunity for anyone to tackle filmmaking by reproducing a super low-budget version of their favourite big bufget film.

In order to do this, you need to distill the story to its key elements and then find inventive ways to communicate the story. It’s a crash course in the essentials of filmmaking and a great way to promote community involvement. Anyone can make a swede, it’s easy and a lot of fun!

The competition is developed and facilitated by P. J. Kotze head of Film & Television at the Open Window Department of Film Arts. For extra info, mail P.J at


Impac Home

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